Frequent questions

Quiz creation

  • How much time is needed to create a quiz?
    With standard ADSL broad band, a few minutes is enough to create your quiz!
  • Could I see an example?
    You can create your own questionnaire and see the result in the « Test gratuit (Free Trial - in French only) » part of the site
  • Can a quiz be created from an existing file?
    You have the possibility of creating a new quiz from a formatted Excel file

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  • How is QuizBuilder installed on an Internet/Intranet site?
    The installation of QuizBuilder requires an Apache Internet server, a MySQL type relational database and the script language PHP 5 or later
  • Am I limited in regard to the number of questions?
    There is no limit to the number of pages or the number of questions
  • Can I monitor/control the process of creating a quiz?
    QuizBuilder™ allows you to check the attribution of rights for quiz creation. For the creation of a quiz and its validation and publication: the users of the application will have different rights according to their profile.
  • Can I modify a quiz?
    Of course! QuizBuilder™ is designed so that you have maximum flexibility. Thus, you would be able to change your quiz in a few minutes.
  • Can these quizzes be monetised?
    You have the choice of publishing quizzes that are free or quizzes that require payment. In the case of a quiz requiring payment, it can be testable without charge on its first pages.

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Support and updates

  • What IT skills are necessary to use QuizBuilder™ ?
    QuizBuilder™ has been developed so that it is simple to use, rapid and intuitive, with no help necessary. Thus, you can create and publish your quizzes with complete freedom.
  • Can I request training to create publications with QuizBuilder™ ?
    A training guide is available. Our teams will be able to train you remotely in the use of QuizBuilder™. Given the simplicity of the tool, it would only take an hour to completely master the application and to be able to quickly create your first interactive quiz.

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