QuizBuilder™, With the greatest of ease, create quizzes for knowledge assessment or for promotion.

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Why choose QuizBuilder™?


Customise the content

Choose from 8 types of questions (single choice, multiple choice, table, etc.) and define the options for your quiz (number of points per question, display of the result, addition of comments, etc.

Customise the "container"

Create quizzes that are very "standardised" or, inversely, very "graphical". Display your quiz with any of several different available graphics, or with a background of your own choice.

Generate statistics

Identify the participants in the quiz and record the answers in order to be able to generate statistics for each quiz.

Open Source technologies

QuizBuilder™ uses Open Source technologies that provide front and back office compatibility with most Internet browsers, including Internet Explorer V6.0.


Management of rights

Parameterisable administration levels are used to grant the various rights: access to categories, creation of spaces, creation / modification / validation of a quiz, etc.

Management of creation steps

The possibility of defining the precision of quiz functionalities, making it more or less complex.

Management of spaces and categories

Quizbuilder™ allows the creation of distinct and independent spaces, the access to which is reserved for an identified population.

Language management

The application, and the quizzes created, are multi-language.