QuizBuilder™ is the ideal tool for creating quizzes. Easy to use, it allows you to broadcast them on your website or intranet.

My quiz in just a few clicks!

How does it work?

QuizBuilder™ has been designed so that you can create on-line quizzes completely independently.

You can create as many quizzes as you wish.

Both powerful and simple to use, you won't need any programming knowledge to create questionnaires in a format of your choice.

Based on Open Source technologies, QuizBuilder™ benefits from great interoperability with existing systems and applications.

Its installation requires an Apache Internet server, a MySQL type relational database and the script language PHP 5 or later.

A customized quiz

Create your quiz from a choice of 8 types of question and determine a principle for ratings and for comments for each of them.

Choose your graphical interface from 4 existing models or create a very graphical quiz using a semi-free model.

Publish your quiz on your Internet/Intranet site and generate statistics from the responses.